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Ontario Furs
Author(s) founder/owner: Smash Meerkat

Ontario Furs is a website catering to furries in the province of Ontario, Canada.


Ontario Furs opened shortly after the closing of its predecessor, Ontario Furries. It was created by Smash Meerkat with the intention of filling in for the absence of Ontario Furries. It served as the only board for the furs of Ontario, allowing locals to plan events, play games such as the Werefur mystery game, and much more, until the return of Ontario Furries in October 2010. The two sites do not coordinate, creating a communications divide in the Ontario furry community.


There are currently[when?] over 600 members of the site, and nearly 400 of them are active members. Administrators include Smash Meerkat, FireStorm Six, and Xintari, as well as numerous moderators.[1]

Ontario Furs has an extension on Facebook to enable those who choose to avoid the site's forums to learn about local events and connect with other site members.

Ontario Furs has a video chat option.


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