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Ontario Furries
Ontario Furries logo.png
Author(s) Site founder: Silfur
Admins: Dan Skunk, Xion Bunny
Status Active
Launch date 1998
Genre Regional social site
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Ontario Furries is a web site created by Dan Skunk as a successor to the original Toronto Furry web site which ran from 1998 to 2005 and was reopened by Dan Skunk in 2006. It opened in November 2008. As of July 2010 it had over 1000 members, making it the most popular Canadian furry web site.

With its success, two other sites, Alberta Furries which Dan Skunk helped Razor_Bear start and BC Furries started by RainRat, were also started soon after and linked as brother sites on Ontario Furries.


On August 11th, 2010, (Echelon), the hosting provider, announced the site was being shutdown after a plethora of concerns that were raised by him, primarily Dan Skunk's public call for a boycott of Furnal Equinox, over what Dan described as the denial by Furnal's committee of his involvement in the convention.

Dan told his users that anyone who wished to show their support for Furnal Equinox should leave the site. After discussions and missed meetings resulted in being met with the departure of Dan Skunk from the board by deleting his own account, the hosting provisioner found no choice but to take swift action and indicate the impending closure of the boards and destruction of all its data.

Dan Skunk rejoined the boards soon afterward, offering to keep it going, and was immediately banned and his post deleted. Echelon deleted the site and all backups, 2 hours and 30 minutes earlier than previously announced due to Dan Skunk re-opening the site on a different hosting provider using an old backup of the forums. He closed the site a short time later.

Dan Skunk re-launched Ontario Furries in October of 2010 with a modified member database, and a gallery added to the site. Membership has been slowly rebuilding, Reaching 558 members in September 2011. He continues making many small changes to the site and using it to organize furmeets around Ontario.

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