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An artist and musician that often uses anthropomorphic characters and themes in his work. He has four television series in the works, and a band called T.A.f.T..



Viethra is responsible for several works of fiction, including +SERAPHiM+, Nero-, FRENETiC, and Only HUMAN.


An ambitious story about angels, aliens, anthros, and music. The story jumps between the angel and warrior, Enronne, and the cloned anthro musician Evangeline. Easily seen as an interpretation of the biblical book of Revelation.

The virtual band The Evangeline Experience plays an important part in the story. File:Thriller.png


A miniseries taking place in the world of +SERAPHiM+.


A fictional story taking place in 2545 about a civil war over the integration of extra-terrestrials into human society. The dynamic of anthropomorphic characters is explained in this story by the element that the aliens are nomadic,symbiotic, shape shifters. The aliens, called Avani, live very long because they have not yet adjusted to their symbiosis with mankind, and the lesser species of Earth. They get their name from the planet where we discovered them observing us. They originated in a galaxy that has since died out, 3 Billion years ago. They often go to Christianity and Hinduism as faiths because of their species' relation to the concept of reincarnation and reserection. Music is drastically important to this story, as the protagonists pilot mechs which are controlled by music.


A fictional story taking place years after FRENETiC, in the same universe. It covers the adventures of Elizabeth Shiva Lockeheart and the crew of her astro-aquatic pirate ship,the Maid Marian. She uses the ship to attack fraudulent despotic corporation's capital ships and give immediate aid to disaster areas. The story focuses on religion, gender roles, racism, and other sociological themes. The world of the story has many differences with our world. Things like bisexuality and unconventional family structure are more common, and things like religion are much more complicated. Christianity, Buddism/Hindu, and Native American Spiritualism are the most common religions. With Islam, Shinto, and Ba'hai following close behind. As usual with Viethra works, music plays an incredibly important part in the atmosphere of the show.

Evangeline Chloe Gabriel

A member of the virtual band The Evangeline Experience from the story +SERAPHiM+. She was created by the artist/musician Viethra.

One of the few anthropomorphic characters in the story, Eva (for short) is an incredibly talented and successful musician. Her best selling album (Dragon Tears) , in the story, sells 437,892,000-odd copies as an international release, following her 79,000,000 copy album (Fearful Symmetry). Her first album (Part of That World) didn’t even chart at first, but eventually hit 200,000,000 copies upon re-release after Dragon Tears had a success. These numbers are in the context of a 15 Billion world population.

She is related to the main character in the she originated from the Kaliningrad UN research facility, an important land mark of the show, upon which the story revolves. She is a major influence upon societal treatment of her cloned brethren, which include humugulous anthropomorphics, but also telekinetics, telepathics, empaths, and various other varieties of people.

She isn't solely meant to represent furries, but ethnic/cultural outsiders as a whole. Her role for the clones of Kaliningrad is quite similar to that of Michael Jackson, for African Americans. She does become the most successful performer of all time, but still considers MJ, U2, and the Beatles to be the greatest performers of all time.


Viethra's Progressive Art Rock band that regularly uses anthro/furry imagery in their performances and presentations.

A lot of their songs are available for free right now:

Here is their Youtube channel:

A progressive rock band that does songs in almost every genre possible, hopelessly innovating and bastardizing them along the way. The members of the band are so completely different in musical tastes that you can get whiplash if you aren’t careful while listening to them. The anthro artist Viethra is a member.

Band Members

Viethra River (JA.GS) is an avant-garde progressive art rock folk singer with blues and indie influences, who uses jungian spiritual themes and furry imagery in his performances.

Esther Firth (ME.GS) is a christian rocker with celtic influences and a love of pop music with tastes ranging from Shakira to U2.

Benoît Roadstead (JF.GS) is an electronic dance music composer that also pays guitar and a bit of piano. He enjoys rock and pop songs with strong hooks that don’t get tired and stay engaging long enough for him to remix them or learn a tab of their choruses.

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