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Convention Year Platform* Virtual Attendees** Registrees View Count Notes
Furality Online Xperience: Furality Legends 2021 VRChat 9,024 9,024[1] -
Virtual Anthrocon 2020 6,153[2] None - Also known as Anthrocon 2020
Megaplex Online 2020 - 571[3] 30,309 980 peak users in Telegram chat
Furry Weekend At-Home 2020 None None 14,048[4]
RAMCon 2020 Discord None 541[5] -
Brasil FurFest Night 2020 YouTube and Discord 1,935 - 4,557
IndyFurCon 2020 2020 Stream and VRChat 1,356 1,040 -
DEFCON Furs 2020 2020 Stream and VRChat - None 1,117

.*Platform implies the primary social media service, livestream application, or visual online space used to portray the majority of the convention.

.**Virtual attendees implies the amount of participants within an area of an visualized online space, such as a video game, or virtual reality social platform. This count is the amount of individual attendees in total across the span of the convention, and not the amount of 'visits' that an area has received.

.- implies that the statistic was applicable to the event, but was not reported.


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