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Pokehidden's characters, Pokehidden (left) and Ponyhidden (right)

Onihidden, also known as Pokehidden, is a Brazilian artist, animator, and brony.


Onihidden has two characters: a human named Pokehidden, and a ponification of that character, named Ponyhidden.


Onihidden draws on a Nintendo DSi with the DSiWare application, Flipnote Studio, whereas he would export the finished art to his laptop.

Onihidden is best known for his webcomic, Target Miss, and the video game Banned from Equestria, which both share his cutesy, distinctive art style. He also worked on the game Sunset Blade, a roleplaying game for Windows that draws inspiration from such games as the Dragon Quest series, Lufia, and Shin Megami Tensei.

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