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Oni Press is a publisher of comic books, in the USA.

Published comics[edit]

Published comics of interest to furries.

  • Blue Monday: includes Seamus, a pooka with the appearance of a 6-foot-tall otter. Also has Bleu Finnegan (the main character) being the school mascot (Studley the badger).(Wikipedia)(publisher) (moved to Image Comics)
    • Blue Monday: The Kids Are Alright (2000) #1-3 & TPB. (CBDB)
    • Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners (2001) #1-4 & TPB. (CBDB)
    • Blue Monday: Lovecats (February 2002) one-shot. (CBDB)
    • Blue Monday: Dead Man's Party (October 2002) one-shot. (CBDB)
    • Blue Monday: Nobody's Fool (February 2003) one-shot. (CBDB)
    • Blue Monday: Inbetween Days (September 2003) TPB, collects Lovecats, Dead Man's Party, Nobody's Fool, and Jingle Belle's All Star Holiday Hullabaloo (2000).
    • Blue Monday: Painted Moon (2004) #1-4 & TPB. (CBDB)
    • Blue Monday: Thieves Like Us (2008) #1, mini-series canceled after issue #1. (CBDB)

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