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Omnom Nomnomnom

Omnom Nomnomnom, or just Omnom (born August 25), is a fursuiter, musician and live streamer who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.[1] Since July 2017, Omnom has been engaged to his mate, Splat Fennec.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Omnom is the lead vocalist of the furry band Run, Definitely Run!,[citation needed] and is the founder of the Itty Bitty Fur Con convention.[citation needed]


His fursona is a Winged Sciurus, a custom species created by himself and Ino89777 of Skypro Costumes. Being the first of his kind, it was soon to be followed by Sweet Tart the Winged Sciurus, the second Sciurus to exist.[clarify]

Convention attendance[edit]



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