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Olaf, art by Casy Nuf.
Olaf, art by LiamTheGodlikeDemon.

Olaf, also known as HauptmannFox (born March 13, 1998), is a Pansexual Dutch fursuiter, cartoonist, and anthropomorphic artist who lives in the Netherlands.[1]

He is a video game artist, designer and animator. He does work as a freelancer and stream on Twitch in his free time. He goes absolutely nuts about anything related to foxes and pizza.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He is a staff member of the Belgium convention FURSure and staff member of the Dutch furmeet organisation Anthro Unite


Olaf's fursona is a Arctic fox, sporting a coat of white, mint, and charcoal fur with a mint mane.

Convention attendance[edit]

Olaf has attended:


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