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Oklacon 2004 was a furry convention, the second annual Oklacon. It was held October 28 to 31 at Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma, USA.

Officers and staff[3][edit]


  • Feral!'s organizers, under threat of legal action, asked the convention to cease operations under the title of Festival of the Feral, fearing that the name would dilute Feral!'s trademark, and that convention-goers might mistakenly believe the Oklahoma event was "That Feral thing I've heard about." Among the then-current members, the demand was considered laughable; however, a lack of available funds meant that a legal battle was not an option. As a result, in 2004, the Oklahoma Association of Anthropomorphic Arts reverted the name of the convention back to its original working title, "Oklacon".
  • The year's theme, !, was originally suggested as a bold statement of "Bigger and Better." Although not intended as such, the theme has also come to represent the sudden and rather humorous lack of a proper name for the fledgling convention.
  • This was the first con to be organized and bankrolled by the OAAA.

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