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Morphicon is a furry convention in Columbus, Ohio, first held in 2003. Since 2008, it has attracted roughly 275-310 attendees annually.

Morphicon began during a trip to have dinner and see The Lion King in February 2003. By the end of the evening, it had been resolved that there needed to be a local convention.

Morphicon Zero, "The Zeroth Iteration", occurred June 21, 2003 as a furry all-day picnic held in Sharon Woods Park on the north side of Columbus, OH. Attendance was approximately 40.

Morphicon Corporation[edit]

Morphicon is run by Morphicon Corporation, a non-profit organization founded 12 February 2004 by A. Wolf (Trickster), E. Dyer (Pelzig), and M. Pinnegar (Jewel). M. Woods (Ostrich) was also a founder of the initial corporation, though he does not appear on the original signing document.[1] A. Wolf resigned from the Board in January 2008 due to personal time commitments. C. Smith (Max Goof) formally resigned from the board, and as convention chair, in 2008.

The Morphicon Board of Directors currently includes the three remaining founders, plus one member added in 2005: G. Angel (WhiteShepherd).

Morphicon has planned since inception to apply for federal 501(c)(3) charity status, but has not yet submitted.


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