Of Beasts and Men

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Of Beasts and Men
Author(s) RearmedDreamer
Update schedule Monthly
Launch date 28 June 2014
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy
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Of Beasts and Men is a webcomic created by RearmedDreamer. It takes place in the world of Pan Gaia. In this world evolution and nature has taken a different route than our own - where humans as we know them to be are not the sole dominant species of the world.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Currently, the comic has only introduced one race: the wolf-men.


The wolf-men are a race of anthropomorphic wolves. The one group of wolves shown thus far has a tribal culture. The village is a combination of totems, temporary dwellings like tents, shops, stalls, and fields. The wolves are capable of agriculture and harvest wheat and fruit.



A young wolf with ashen fur who serves as the story's main protagonist. He is son of the tribal leaders of the wolves. The story opens with him having a vision of what is to come.


Ash's ref furred younger brother. He is for the most part a prankster and is always looking for a fight.


Mother of Ash and Yarrow. Matriarch of the Gladewood Clan. She is a red furred wolf normally adorned in green robes with gold threading.


A beige furred wolf seen in the prologue who seems to care for Ash.


A dark furred wolf who farms wheat in the Gladeswood.


A beige furred wolf who farms wheat in the Gladeswood.


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