Of Beasts and Men

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Of Beasts and Men
Author(s) RearmedDreamer
Update schedule Monthly
Launch date 28 June 2014
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy
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Of Beasts and Men is a webcomic created by RearmedDreamer. It takes place in the world of Pan Gaia. In this world evolution and nature has taken a different route than our own - where humans are not the sole dominant species of the world and science is not the only truth.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


So far[when?] the comic has only introduced one race: the wolf-men.


The wolf-men are a race of anthropomorphic wolves. The one tribe that has been introduced so far loosely emulates the culture of Native Americans. The village shown so far is a combination of temporary dwellings like tents and permanent structures such as shops and warehouses. The wolves are capable of agriculture and harvest wheat and fruit.



A young wolf with ashen fur and vibrant blue eyes who serves as the story's main protagonist. He is son of the tribal leaders of the wolves. The story opens with him having a vision of what is to come.


Younger brother to Ash, he has red fur and hazel eyes. He is for the most part a prankster and is always looking for a fight.


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