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Odious (or Odi) is an artist born October 11, 1983 in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. As of 2006, he resides in Gresham, Oregon, U.S.A. Odious is a user of IRC, Second Life (as "Odious Wallaby"), LiveJournal (as "OdiousKangaroo"), and Tapestries Muck.

Character conventions[edit]

Odious's characters share a number of commonalities in terms of their style and attire. They are often in tribal attire, consisting of a pair of painted feathers worn behind the ear, a claw and crystal necklace, a gold braided armband on the right arm, and a red logo band on either tail or left leg. They may also wear bodypaints, bracelets, anklets, or leather belts and pouches.

Character forms[edit]

While not a shapeshifter, Odious has developed several different fursonas. As of 2006, he considers himself to be an otter.

Odious Kangaroo[edit]

Odious Kangaroo conbadge by LikeShine from FC2006

As a kangaroo Odious is a nonmorphic tribal Golden Kangaroo (macropus auricomus) which is a fictional species. Odious Kangaroo has been Odious's primary fursona for some time.

Odious Wallaby[edit]

"Odious Wallaby" is Odious's account name on Second Life and eventually spawned a spinoff character of Odious's usual kangaroo form as a chibified wallaby. The artist Firebringer has depicted Odious's chibified wallaby form.

Odious Otter[edit]

Odious Otter lounging at his temple in Second Life

As an otter, Odious is a male tribal anthropomorphic Northern River Otter (lontra canadensis). This form appeared shortly after Odious joined the Second Life community, due to the difficulty of creating a nonmorphic kangaroo avatar.

Odious Chibifox[edit]

Odious as a charcoal Chibifox standing bipedal in Second Life
Odious as a charcoal Chibifox in quadruped stance

As a chibifox, Odious is a male charcoal colored tribal feral fox using the Ninja Weasel Studios chibifox Second Life avatar by Whinge Languish.

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