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Odin Wolf in fursuit and in real life.

Odin Wolf (born March 14, 1991), is a fursuiter and YouTuber from Michigan, USA.

Fandom involvemnet[edit]

Odin Wolf is a guest of honor for Capital City Fur Con 2020.[1]


Odin Wolf's fursona is a royal blue, purple, and neon-green wolf.

He also has an alternate version of his fursona named Flow Nido who is a bunny (he also has a fursuit for this fursona as well). Flow Nido is Odin Wolf spelled backwards.


Odin has several fursuits depicting his main fursona. One of the heads was made by Stormfire Studios, and the body by Noble Wolf.[2]


Odin is known for making furry related videos where he discusses random topics such as his past for example. Odin Wolf started his youtube career back in early 2017, as a way to try out something new. He originally directed his following from his Tumblr and Twitter. On February 9, 2017, Odin published his first YouTube video titled, Making WEIRD Japanese Candy Kits.

Around Late 2017 and early 2018, Odin's YouTube channel started to become more popular as he was gaining thousands of subscribers. He has since collaborated with other well known furry figures in the furry YouTube scene such as Majira Strawberry, Nos Hyena, Corey Coyote, and Beagle.in.red. As of March 2020, Odin Wolf has 109,000 subscribers on YouTube, 6,000 more than of April 2019.


Originally, Odin wolf uploaded pornographic, murrsuit content with his character to the adult website Xtube, whereas he released multiple videos to his page between 2009 - 2015. Odin became notorious for those videos due to their popularity. Within this time, he uploaded photos to his NSFW Tumblr page and was featured in multiple photos on the Rubber Asylums' Twitter page.

Odin eventually deleted all his videos and photos off Xtube in order to focus more on his YouTube career. There was a lot of controversy[citation needed] surrounding his YouTube Channel since he refused to address his pornographic side, and other furries[who?] were trying to expose him.[citation needed]

On May 22, 2018, Odin released a video to his YouTube channel title "I Discuss My Murrsuiting Past.", which addressed his older content. This really cleared the smog towards Odin's channel as people felt like he was more open. His adult content is still out there today on multiple websites, but Odin focuses only on YouTube now.


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