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Obsidian Kindragon, aka Oby, (born December 8, 1981) is a hermaphroditic black and gold dragon from Parker, Colorado.


Obsidian is often found on Tapestries MUCK under the name Obsidian_Dragon, where she primarily hangs out in her home, in the Sunclub, or visiting the Herm Haven.

She is also often found on Second Life under the name Obsidian Stormwind, and is usually busy making some new avatar for a friend or customer. She is also known for making complete custom avatars for the right price.

Lately, Obsidian has become addicted to playing World of Warcraft, where she is known as Oby on the Feathermoon server. There she is a level 80 Troll in an RP guild called Mythos.

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