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Nukeshi (born December 23, 2000), also referred to as Nuke, is a semi-professional digital artist in the United States. They are known for their darker humour, and their characters have a distinct triangle marking on their foreheads. Though Nukeshi does not engage in social media, they are present on DeviantArt and are an active uploader to the site.


Nukeshi's characters are:

  • Nukeshi/Nuke, a orange, black and white maned wolf-hyena hybrid with feathers ascending from the shoulders and neck.
  • Sark, a grey lizard creature with feathers and a long tail.
  • Karasu, a grey phoenix with blue and green feathers.
  • Saar, a tan sphynx cat with visible skeleton markings and curly horns.
  • Dino/Dakota, a dark grey coyote with long ears, a mohawk, and a zipper chest.

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