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Nuclear Paws drawn by Nezukiba (Edited by Nuclear Paws with permission).
Nuclear Paws's Most common avatar and youtube videos watermark.)

NuclearPaws, also known as NuclearPaws Frostbite in Second Life (real name: Zbigniew, born October 22, 1994), is a Polish-English videographer. He has been involved with the furry fandom since middle of 2007 and was furry before knowing what about fandom. He discovered furry fandom while looking for images for his school work and got to image of an anthro.


His fursona is a green-white-black, nuclear husky, and he is currently making his very first fursuit. Progress migh be found on: although it isnt updated regulary.

Art and Music[edit]

Nuclear Paws is currently learning how to draw anthropomorphic animals and has already made few abstract art pices that you migh find on furaffinity, although He doesn't take art requests you might still ask for free submissions. He is also a musician and can play piano and compose small music pieces and make some remixes of songs, although he is mainly interested in Dance and Ambiental music, on piano he generaly plays classical.

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