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Nox Darkpaw, as of 2010. Art by Hale Laocon.
Nox as of 2011. Art by Five.

Nox Darkpaw (also known as Nox Darkdingo, Nox D., or just Nox; born May 20, 1993) is a furry who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Nox has always enjoyed furry cartoons, and declared himself a fur in mid-2008. He loves furry art, but is only a novice artist himself, so he uses his talents as an author in roleplays and mini-novels (both furry and non-furry). He also enjoys writing poetry. Nox has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Nox enjoys many different kinds of music, but dislikes most rap or hiphop. He plays guitar, both electric and acoustic. In his spare time he plays computer games and chats with his friends, both furry and human.

Nox was an active member of Furry Teens, a website dedicated to Teen Furs, but left in July 2011, exactly three years after joining. As in real life, he plays a black Epiphone SG guitar, and loves playing classics like Black Sabbath's "War Pigs", Green Day's "Good Riddance", and Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name". He is bisexual.

Nox started hosting Furry Teens Radio (known within the site as FTR) in late 2010, a member-organised program where episodes featuring current members of Furry Teens are interviewed on certain topics are released as Podcasts for all to hear, after its original host lost internet privileges. After a few episodes the Radio Show was put on hiatus when Nox left Furry Teens.


Nox's primary fursona has two forms; a teenage form and a baby form.

Teenage Form[edit]

Nox's teenage fursona is a gothic Dingo, who is roughly 18 years of age. He stands at 5'11", is of slight build, and is coloured like a typical dingo: red/orange fur on his back and a white underside, with black shoulder-length headfur. He has a thin black scar under his left eye and a silver, needle-like eyebrow piercing in his right eyebrow, and he wears a black button-up shirt, with jeans, black wristwatch and wristband, and black converse all-stars. Despite having an IQ of nearly 180, he considers himself "unstable", and has a very dark personality. He listens to music like Rage Against The Machine, Van Halen, Green Day, System Of A Down, Evanescence, Muse, Marilyn Manson, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, and his favourite band, Parkway Drive. Nox is bisexual and does not have a mate. And, just like in real life, Nox suffers from BPD.

He has an adoptive brother named Joel, who is a Red Kangaroo. Joel is one of the only furs in Nox's life who gets along with him, and the brothers have shared many experiences together.

Babyfur Form[edit]

Nox's babyfur form is very similar to his teenage form, except he is only 3 years of age. Because of this he lacks an eyebrow piercing, but still has the black scar, though it is much smaller. He is completely toilet-trained and can speak perfectly, as well as already learning at a third-grade level.

Other Fursonas[edit]

Other fursonas that Nox has used include:

Echo - One of Nox's friends. Echo is an Australian Brumby (wild horse) who loves to DJ and hangs around in raves and clubs. He is also known to have a casual-sex relationship with both Nox and his brother.

Joel - Nox's adopted brother, Joel is a 6'3" kangaroo, who is slightly more bubbly in personality than Nox is.

Elza - An attractive female bat that Nox uses in some roleplays.

Kate - An attractive female dingo that Nox uses in one of his stories as a love interest.

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