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Novice (real name Simon Pink; born September 6, 2002), is a musician born in Bavaria, now living near Hamburg, Germany.


Simon has been a musician since he was 13 years old and has also been playing the drums since he was 11 years old. After 6 years of learning the drums, he quit as he started to work as an Electrician. He is since producing music to try to make a living from it. Simon is currently releasing his music through Fuzznet World.

Music Production[edit]

Simon started making music when he was about 11 years old. At that time he created music on a smartphone. After 2 years he got his first laptop, the one from his father. That's when he started to release music on his SoundCloud. When he turned 16 and got his first paycheck, he builds himself a Computer which he uses for production to this day.

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