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NovaFoxx (in full NovaFoxx Sarks Kitsune) is a furry artist whose fursona is an anthro fox.

Character backstory[edit]

NovaFoxx Sarks Kitsune is not from Earth, but from another planet called Sarkon, where Nova resides. On this planet, furs rule the land much like humans would, except with their key differences. They have both civilized furs and feral ones, much like there are humans and animals. Nova himself is one of the civil furs, living out his life in hectic military work every day.

Nova's defining features are these two things: a symbol on his chest that means 'Dark', and an entirely metal right arm, which houses several weapons. He wears a red flak jacket, a black body shirt, tan khaki pants, and a pair of battle boots.

When NovaFoxx was young, his parents were brutalized in a tragic assault on his home, and only he and his sister, Valerish, escaped capture. Nova and Valerisk ended up being separated and stayed lost to each other for many years. During Nova's exploits of his life, he ended up joining the military at the age of seventeen and, with not even three months training, became the best soldier that any of the other furs had ever seen.

This is when bad things started happening. As Nova continued to fight, he hated his enemies more and more, doing deranged things to his prisoners and using excessive force to accomplish easier missions. The higher-ups caught wind of this and ordered the execution of Nova. No trial, no warning, just immediate death.

His battalion, whom Nova had come to trust, took him out to the middle of nowhere. Before Nova could even ask what was happening, he was gunned down and left for dead in the middle of the desert.

It seemed like the end of the young fox until he wound up in hell. There, he met Stan (Satan) and Stan cut him a deal. Nova continues to corrupt and kill people, and in return, he gets to revive every time he dies without 'much' punishment. Nova stood right up after being shot down and killed every last one of the members that left him for dead. Then he rode off, to start his career in 'freelancing' military operation.

Now Nova is a rich and deadly fox with more military and combat know-how than anyone else in the world. He is a deadly force to be reckoned with, and not to be bothered without good reason.

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