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For specifics, check the edit history and talk page. Consult the Furry Book of Style for editing help. was a website which parodied and commented on the furry fandom from a jaded insider's point of view.

With a little mix of down-to-earth commentary and a little bit of poking fun, the site was a mixed pleasure for those who want an insightful feel as to how the fandom runs.

  • Address: (cybersquatted; see archive)
  • Webmaster: nothingkat
  • Ran from/to:
    • August 17, 2003 - October 11, 2005
    • November 6, 2005 - June 22, 2008


The website started in 2003 as a small piece-of-mind section of the internet on furry and non-furry related topics. As time went on, it focused mostly on broad sections of the furry fandom.


There were multiple sections of the websites, ranging from parody comics to flash video, however the 'Confession' sections of the websites was the place dedicated to opinion pieces written by Nothingkat.

In 2003, an article about FurNation prompted the owners of FurNation to have shut down,[citation needed] and even attempted to take the owner to court for libel unless the piece was removed.[citation needed] A compromise was reached and the article is only archived in various places.

Site progress over the years[edit]

The website was taken down a few times in the later years due to a professed loss of interest by Nothingkat; however the site was then always re-launched but with various sections either changed or removed altogether.

Anti-fur stance[edit]

The website has been targeted as being Anti-fur, a Burned Fur, or just about any other outright antifurry movement or attitude for focusing mostly on the negative aspect of the fandom. was one of a few antifur websites out there exposing the so-called "filth within the fandom". While the articles were pretty detailed about the furry fandom, they were never meant for anyone who had no prior knowledge to furries. Instead, it is aimed at those who had a great understanding of how the fandom works.

Site demise[edit]

In early June 2008, the website was completely purged of material, and replaced with a static image and a high-speed mp3 file of The Kooks' See The Sun (from Konk album). By July even this file is missing. The domain is set to expire in August of the same year.