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So Fresh and So Clean
Nexxus and nothingkat

Ratface, previously known as nothingkat, was a fursuiter.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ratface created in 2002 nothingkat.com, a website critical of the furry fandom. During this time, he also met Fairly Lush.


Ratface original fursona was an anthropomorphic meerkat named Khieto that was created around the middle of 2001. which was dressed in urban attire which includes a NY Yankees beanie.

To hide his original character's name and identity while helping Evil Sibe distribute illegal furry wares, his fursona's original handle was changed to The Masked Meerkat, later to nothingkat, which is a combination of the word "meerkat" and his favorite record label, Nothing Records.

As Ratface, this fursona is a rat.


Ratface's rat fursuit was built by Kilcodo.[1]


Ratface met furry fan Evil Sibe in 2001, and helped him pirate copyrighted furry material on the net for a few years.


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