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Rafferty's fursona

Norman Rafferty (born June 7, 1970)[1] is a furry artist and writer who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.[1] His fursona is a rat.

Norman is the director of Sanguine Games, a publisher of furry roleplaying games. He has written several games, most notably Albedo: Platinum Catalyst, based on Albedo Anthropomorphics. In addition, he has also written Ironclaw, an anthropomorphic fantasy role playing game, which has inspired three novels and a computer game, Jadeclaw, a Chinese-based furry role playing game, and has also written the role playing game based on Stan Sakai's 'Usagi Yojimbo'.

In November of 2006, Norman Rafferty was a Guest of Honour at Pentacon XXII, a gaming convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In February of 2015, he and other staff of Sanguine Games were Guests of Honor at Furry Fiesta 2015. In March 2023, he was a Guest of Honor at Furnal Equinox.

Character description[edit]

Not quite as slender as the black or roof rat, Norman Rafferty's tail is relatively shorter, his snout is less pointed, and his ears are shorter. His coat is grayish-brown on the back and off-white underneath. His tail is covered with rings of scales.

Norman's favorite haunts are sewers, stables, cowsheds, and cellars. He is mainly active at night. He is not as good a climber as the black rat, but is an excellent swimmer. Rafferty is a serious pest because of the health hazards caused by his presence, including the transmittal of such diseases as bubonic plague and murine typhus. His species includes the familiar white laboratory rats.


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