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NordicFuzzCon 2015 (NFC 2015) was the third iteration of the NordicFuzzCon convention, held over February 26 - March 1, 2015,[1] at the Utsikten Meetings hotel in Nynäshamn, near Stockholm, Sweden.[1] Attendance was 382 (including 16 day passes), with 109 fursuiters in the parade and 184 fursuit badges registered in total.


The theme of the convention was "Scandinavian Folklore: The Enchanted Forest".[1] In support of this theme NFC ran a monthly feature on their website titled "Vette of the Month",[2] covering a number of different mythological creatures from Scandinavian folklore.

Guests of Honour[edit]

NFC 2015 had two guests of honour, both from within the furry community: EosFoxx[3] and EZwolf.[4]


53675 SEK (~US$6305) was raised for the convention charity[5], dog re-homing society Hittehund.

Department heads[edit]


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