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Status Ongoing
First iteration March 28–31, 2013
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: NordicFuzzCon resources
NordicFuzzCon 2013
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NordicFuzzCon 2015
NordicFuzzCon 2016
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NordicFuzzCon (abbreviated NFC) is an annual furry convention that takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.[1] Its first iteration was in 2013. It is the largest Scandinavian furry convention and the third-largest in Europe, with over 800 attendees in 2017.


NordicFuzzCon's mascot is a lovable mouse-like creature known as "Mausie".[2] Mausie has grayish fur, brown eyes, and has a blue bow tied to his tail. Mausie premièred as a fursuit during the opening ceremony of 2015.[3]

Mausie has his own reference sheet located here.

Fursuits - Gotta Catch 'Em All[edit]

In 2017, NordicFuzzCon had Japan as the theme and introduced a game called Fursuits - Gotta Catch 'Em All. The way the game works is that each participating fursuiter gets a code written on their fursuit badge, and all attendees can enter that code into the NordicFuzzCon phone app or website to "capture" the fursuiter. When signing up as a hunter, attendees also chose a team to join. The game features lists of the most active hunters, most caught fursuiters, and the team with the most amount of points.


So far six conventions took place. A seventh one is announced for 2019.

# Year Date Attn.  % change Location Theme GoHs Northern Light
1 2013 28 Mar - 31 Mar 172 +/-0% Quality Hotel Winn Haninge, Stockholm, Sweden Vikings vs. Pirates DivineVixen, Snout
2 2014 27 Feb - 2 Mar 268 +55.8% Quality Hotel Winn Haninge, Stockholm, Sweden A Steampunk Murder Mystery Bryan Talbot
3 2015 26 Feb - 1 Mar 392 +46.3% Utsikten Meetings, Nynäshamn Sweden Scandinavian Folklore: The Enchanted Forest EosFoxx, EZwolf
4 2016 3 Mar - 6 Mar 513 +30.9% Utsikten Meetings, Nynäshamn Sweden Atlantis: The Lost Paradise Silverfox
5 2017 9 Mar - 12 Mar 814 +58.7% Scandic Infra City, Upplands Väsby Sweden Japan: Samurai or Super Kawaii? JD Spocha
6 2018 28 Feb - 4 Mar 918 +12.8% Scandic Infra City, Upplands Väsby Sweden El Dorado: A Pre-Columbian Jungle Adventure Kazul G Fox Ailah

Recurring events[edit]


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