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Simba, a non-morphic character
Non-morphic fursuit.

Non-anthro, also known as non-morphic (full non-anthropomorphic), is a term used to describe characters or fursonas that do not share almost any human characteristics traits associated with full furry/anthros beings. Less commonly, it is used to describe just a regular, feral, non-sentient animal.

Biology and sentience[edit]

Non-anthros will most commonly behave and look like the common feral animal they are associated with in nature (hexapeds, octopeds, pedes, pentapeds, Quadrupeds, winged, etc). The human ability of grasping is not possible, limited, or possible due to their normal animal appendage or organ abilities (pincers, prehensile tails, tongues), or learned behaviors (otters, raccoons, apes).

The trait that separates them from their wild self is the ability for intelligent, human-like thought, normally via speech, expressed by articulation of the motor system via the vocal apparatus, or thought.[1]


Examples of non-anthro characters in mainstream animated media can be found in such movies as The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Bambi, The Fox and the Hound, The Land Before Time series, and Balto.

In the furry fandom, some examples are Randy and Cindy, from the webcomic Faux Paws, and the characters from TallyHO.


  1. Example of sentient thought based exchange on the webcomic TallyHO (Retrieved January 20, 2013)

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