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NomenMUCK is a free-form role-playing MUCK with an original fantasy theme, where medieval technology is combined with magic. Anthropomorphic characters are allowed in limited numbers, with appropriate backgrounds; elves, dragons and gryphons are also allowed species.


[edit] Staff

[edit] Wizards

  • Takrinaxis - Headwiz, MUF dragon, lazy descer.
  • Ryssa - Co-Headwiz; Admin, Lore, Building, Player Relations.
  • Rhenna - TP Wizard, and Newbie Caretaker.

[edit] HelpStaff

  • Takrinaxis
  • Solanth

[edit] RP Staff

  • RainRP - Anything from logging, to twink booting.
  • WindRP - Logging, moderating RPs, and helping with TPs.

[edit] Characters

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