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Noha drawn by Kaze

Noha is a furry fan who lives in London, England.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Noha discovered the furry fandom around the age of sixteen, but only realised he was a furry himself a year later. He has attended many London Furmeets, where he does contributes a lot to the running of the fursuit walks.

On January 26th 2013 Noha was made Staff at LondonFurs, being given a place on the sub-committee and recognised for his work on the walks.[1]

Noha is a keen photographer and documents most LF meets, photos can be found on his Flickr account. (Listed below)

After attending Confuzzled 2013 (His first con), he met Neithie, a caribou, and the two have been together since.


Noha is an anthropomorphic kitsune, but is often known as a firefox; he was inspired by the logo from Mozilla's web browser. He is normally drawn with an actual flaming tail, but sometimes just with flame-patterned fur.


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