Nocturnal Intermission

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Nocturnal Intermission is a fictional short story written by Dracokon. Released in 2007 the story was Dracokon's first composition upon returning to the furry fandom, the inspiration of which is grounded in a retelling of a dream he had about a large anaconda.


Nocturnal Intermission began as one of many personal journals Dracokon had been keeping under the advice from a counselor who suggested he write freely to help deal with a sting of depression that had entwined itself into his life. The majority of his random thoughts were either only a few sentences long, weren't structured to be a story, or were simply idle thoughts unrelated to the reptilian nature of his writings. Nocturnal Intermission was written as a short dream retelling and after sharing what became the first draft of the story with a personal confidant Dracokon cleaned the journal entry up into a mostly coherent (if not short) story and posted it on YiffStar (now SoFurry). The story's immediate warm reception fueled Dracokon's interest to become a writer again and re-cemented his prurient interest in reptiles.

In 2010 the story was rewritten and cleaned up to match the style and content of the rest of Dracokon's work. The re-released version of the story was called Nocturnal Intermission: Special Edition.

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