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NoVAFur, full Northern Virginia Fur Group, is both a regional furry denomination and the official website and mailing list catering to furries in the general Northern Virginia Area near Washington, DC, USA.


Founded by Camstone Fox in 2002, All furs are welcome to join from any location, especially Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia areas.

In September of 2014, Jet, Rhapsie, Rechner Fox and Spiff resurrected the NoVAFur group and manage the group presently along with other moderators.

Events and services[edit]

NoVAFur is mainly intended as a meeting and exchange forum for furry lifestylers,[clarify] but it has expanded to welcome much of the US East Coast furry community. Non-furs, and the mildly curious are also welcomed to attend open events held by NoVAFur.

NoVAFur hosts regular friendly meet and greet events locally in Northern Virginia near Central Northern Virginia[1]. Attendance for meets is from thirty to forty furs. Bowling is the preferred selection. Afterwards, the group usually goes to the nearby IHOP or restaurant for a late meal and some light conversations. Occasional fursuit-friendly camping outings and other meets also occur on a regular basis[2], as do ride-shares to non-local events and conventions.[citation needed]


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