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NixieSeal, also known as Nixie Pinnision or simply Nixie (real name Ceilidh Bishop; born June 14, 1987)[1], is a freelance artist, and author of several furry-themed webcomics.[2] She was born in California, USA, and currently lives in Washington. NixieSeal is creator of the webcomic Anthronauts, which was hosted on The Katbox, although inactive since 2016.[3] Another Katbox webcomic, called Fungus Farm, was cancelled. NixieSeal began a third Katbox webcomic called Debunkers in late 2016.[4] Since The Katbox is no longer hosting webcomics as of mid-2019, a number of pages and stories for Debunkers are currently posted on NixieSeal's DeviantArt gallery page.[5]

NixieSeal received a Visual Communications degree from Whatcom Community College in 2008.


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