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Nimrais, is a female artist who draws anthropomorphic related pictures and lives in the south of Germany. She has completed an apprenticeship as a Media Designer in 2007 and is currently studying Design (BA) in Nuremberg at a college. Besides working on Furry Art and studying she has a part-time job as a designer in a small design agency. Nimrais and the furry artist Kajito have been a couple since 2004. Nimrais was one of the Guests of Honour at ScotiaCon 2012.[1]


Website Illustration for Eurofurence 15, 2009.

Nimrais has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, but seriously started practicing when she was 13. Nimrais now has skills in both traditional (watercolors, colored pencils, ink) and digital media. Her works can be found on archives such as the VCL, deviantART or Fur Affinity.

Nimrais was known for dark, sometimes bloody pictures, but has since changed her priority to commissions due to a lack of time caused by her education. When she's not drawing anthropomorphic pictures she loves to draw children's book pictures. Nimrais is a big fan of good children's book pictures.


Nimrais' character is a Belgian Shepherd dog (strictly speaking a Tervueren) and her fictitious anthropomorphic character. Her character wasn't always a Tervueren. Actually she started as a male lion with a big red mane and two plaits. However, after a short period of time Nimrais felt that this character shouldn't be her alter ego with which she wanted to identify.

She changed Nimrais into a grey lion. She then did a last big change and made Nimrais a dark snow leopardess which was her main character from 2003 until 2006. In 2006 Nimrais considered a period of her life finished and she didn't want to have to do something with it any more so there was a last big change of her character.

Now her character is that Belgian Shepherd, and she currently hopes it will be it forever.


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