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Nimaid (real name Wyatt; born December 3, 1995)[1] is a babyfur who lives in Tucson, Arizona, USA.[2]


[edit] Fursona

Nimaid's fursona is a grey wolf who tends to change in different situations. He can vary from being almost-completely-wolf to being a human with wolf ears and a tail. Usually, though, his fursona is simply a young adult anthro wolf.

Whenever Nimaid's fursona has fur (sometimes when it is more human than wolf it does not), it always has a small red spiral in the center of his bellyfur, above his belly button. Other than that, his markings are mostly consistent with that of a real gray wolf, with the exception of a white tip on his tail.

[edit] Fandom involvement

As of September, 2011, Nimaid has only been to one furmeet; Furizona 2010. His age restricts him from going to most events.

[edit] References

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