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Nilesta's character. Art by Peganthyrus.

Nilesta, also known as Nemesis, was a furry fan.

Fandom involvemnent[edit]

Nilesta was a player on FurryMUCK, a code-wizard for a short time on FurrySpace, and the creator of Twisted Kingdoms MUCK under the name Nemesis.

on FurryMUCK, she owned a bar off the park, and was a member of the helpstaff. She left FurryMUCK for FurrySpace after Random was @toaded.[clarify]

Nilesta has coded many MUF programs, some of which are still[when?] in use on any of the three MUCKs.


Nilesta's character on FurryMUCK was an anthro scorpion. On FurrySpace, all wizards had to be dragons, so Nilesta's character changed to a "pseudo dragon'"- a cat with a bad dragon disguise.

Twisted Kingdoms was not intended to be furry, and her character was a god.

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