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Nikita Hussey is a perpetually scruffy and deceptively cute husky girl of 18 who appears in the webcomic Not Big and Not Clever. She has the typical grey on white snow dog markings covering her body with blue highlights on her extremities and hair. She usually wears a pair of baggy blue jeans, and a red top.

Nikita's history is somewhat unknown, a result of her incapability to recall the majority of it. Her early life was comfortable and unremarkable, an average quaint mountain village, a background of farming, and a lack of education due to the remoteness of the area. Unfortunately, the farming proved to be an inconsistent and unreliable form of income and the younger generations were sent forth to the big cities to stabilise the family accounts. Nikita though, lacked the capacity to make the most of this opportunity and simply couldn’t get anywhere up the business ladder.

Her new life was in danger of leaving her homeless, penniless and lost. In a state of desperation Nikita is thought to have committed herself to a medical research course, through which she’d get the funds to remain in the city and hopefully be able to turn around her fortunes. The study was never completed, though. Nikita was dramatically changed by the disastrous research, boosted in size and strength enough to warrant her immediate capture as a hazard to the public.

Almost as if the authorities were trying to hide their mistakes, Nikita was sent away to live with a family well out of reach of the town, a family that would be able to cater for her colossal needs. Nikita’s cuteness is overshadowed only by her ignorance. Somewhere along the line this husky missed the learning about life details and simply cannot fit in with the demands of society. She’s friendly enough, but hasn’t had the best of luck finding someone who’ll put up with her long enough to show it. However hard she tries her inability to be helpful often gets her frustrated.

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