Nightmare The Stallion

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Nightmare the Stallion.

Nightmare The Stallion (Born December 5th, 1994) is a superhero furry from Denver, Colorado. He is a purebred Lipizzaner.[1] Nightmare is a master to many, slave to some, lover to one: Rocko Wolfcoon. His favorite pastime is Dungeons & Dragons; he has been a Dungeon Master for the better part of his life. He is also an avid practitioner of LaVeyan Satanism, and is the admin of the LaVeyan Satanist page on Fur Affinity.[2]


Nightmare was born a purebred Lipizzaner into a very rich family. He was never told "no" as a foal. When he moved out, he took his portion of the family fortune and used it to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a superhero. Now, he lives in a run down apartment building with a bunch of high-tech gear and a snazzy costume.
With his nasty bullying habits, Nightmare quickly gained a reputation as a hoodlum by extorting lunch money from schoolchildren; the only hero credentials he possesses comes from picking on local petty criminals. He bides his time sending weekly letters to the Justice League, begging for admittance. The League never replies. They get a good laugh from his letters.


Nightmare has black fur covering him from head to toe, with an exception for a white cross in between his eyes. Nightmare's costume consists of a black spandex suit, a black riot vest, red gloves, red combat boots, red knee pads, red elbow pads, and red-rimmed goggles. He has a long black mane and hellish red eyes. To read the story behind Nightmare's cross marking, click here.


Nightmare's personality is derived entirely from being a spoiled brat. He is stupid, whiny, stubborn,and vain; a bully, overall. He can be summed up as childish, at best.
However, he treats his closest relations to a different set of childish personality traits: innocent, sheepish, clingy, and carefree. When he's in this mode, he is easily hurt; he only shows this fluffy side to people when he has mustered enough confidence to do so.

Satanic Sermons[edit]

On Heaven


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