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Nicole the lynx


Nicnak (also known as Nicole (she/they), born December 31, 1994) is a freelance illustrator and design artist for animation from Ontario, Canada. She is married to Foxjump.

Nicole graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor of Arts in animation.


Nicole's fursona is a Canada lynx.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Nicole has been a member of the furry fandom since 2010, attending conventions in North America as a dealers den vendor since 2014.

She has had the privilege of being a Guest of Honour for CanFURence 2022 and Fur-Eh! 2022 (originally scheduled for CanFURence 2020 and Fur-Eh! 2020 but they were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic).


Nicole's work made an appearance on Oh Joy Sex Toy in her guest comic Me-Ouch That Hurts!

Nicole worked as a character and prop design artist on Helluva Boss S2.

Conventions Attended[edit]


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