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Born January 17, 1992
Profession or hobby Student
Character species Rabbit

Nican, also known as the Red Rabbit. Nican was a developer for the GMod Tower project, and part of the Nican community. He spends most of his free time coding, or working on the community.

Nican enjoys any field of science, but mainly physics. His favorite school subject is mathematics, and he is going to college for a degree on Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.

In 2011, Nican left the GMod Tower project to move on other and new projects.


The red rabbit originated from a youtube video, When You're Evil - Colour Animatic, story board made by halley42, and audio taken from a song by Voltaire. The story depicts a short red rabbit, presumably from hell, torturing a man in a sequence of events.

The idea was first used to create a school project, but it is still unfinished. Later the model was imported into the source engine as a player model, and used as a variety of things.

Community members of GMod Tower were allowed to "skin" the rabbit with different textures, and a whole set of different rabbits were created. Nican currently wears a skin in GMod Tower that changes between all of the user created rabbit textures.

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