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Nezukiba (born June 12, 1993), is a female furry artist, fursuiter and fursuit maker from Finland.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Nezukiba has been involved in the furry fandom since early 2008. She is the owner of Raccoon Tail Studios.


Nezukiba's fursona is a blue, black, grey, and white male wolf. Nezukiba loves music, and he is a very active and happy teenage wolf.


Nezukiba owns three fursuits:

  • Luke - Luke is black and white husky-border collie hybrid. Built in Summer, 2008, he is the first fursuit Nezukiba ever made.
  • Hydro - Hydro is a green, white, black, and blue Sabertooth tiger. He has half of one ear missing (In his character backstory, it was cut off by his mother). Hydro is Nezukiba's second fursuit, and was built in Autumn, 2009. He is a 1/3 suit with digitgrade legs.
  • Colt - Colt is a blue raccoon who was built in the Summer of 2009.

All of her fursuits are partials or ⅓ suits.


Nezukiba's art has a semi-realistic style. In her own words:

I have created my own style and I have worked it like 9-10 years.[citation needed]

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