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'Nexxus Ambassador' of SecondLife

Nexxus (born November 17, 1965)[1] is the primary webmaster of FurNation, furry web hosting service (shut down as of Dec. 8, 2009) and adult-related comic book publishing unit. On Second Life, Nexxus Ambassador administers and operates FurNation Worlds.


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Nexxus has been accused of using his website and SL holdings for the purposes of "Empire-Building". [2] He has on several occasions been accused of taking peoples' money and not delivering the promised goods [3][4].

On at least one occasion, other individuals have stepped in to solve his financial issues on their own dime. [5] Some argue that it doesn't matter why Nexxus does what he does, as long as it helps the fandom.

This occurrence is documented though it is not clear whether or not these happenings are on purpose, are a result of poor bookkeeping, or is one mistake that has been multiplied my rumor is currently unknown. Different people take different views on this as he draws both positive and negative attention (Both warranted and unwarranted) from those in the fandom as does anyone whom at any time has had as much influence as Nexxus has.

Some see his leaving of Second Life as tale that he was caught "Building his empire" or somehow laundering money. The truth however; is that an anonymous donation made to FurNation was made with falsified Second Life currency "L$". Upon discovering this Linden Labs decided to freeze any and all assets associated with FurNation and ban a certain few accounts Nexxus Ambassador being one of them. Upon clearing this matter up and having his account and those of others reinstated he handed over SL operations to Corsi Mousehold and decided to leave SL for an indeterminate amount of time.


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