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Nex Anima Canis is an Australian writer. He specializes in homoerotic speculative fiction, including themes of transformation.

He is mated to Zeeme.


  • Lykan Invasion
  • No One Dossier
  • The Game
  • Jason Wolfe
    • Jason Wolfe: Mortality
    • Jason Wolfe: Transcendence
    • Jason Wolfe: Descent
  • Soul Mate Charm
  • Reaper
    • Reaper: Pollenburn Campaign
    • Reaper: Graesham Campaign
    • Reaper: Angelsea Campaign
  • The Agency
  • Canimorphs
  • Knothole High
  • Chronomancer Chronicles: The Burning Rebellion
  • Third Arc
    • Third Arc Crimson Moon
    • Third Arc Zero Street
  • My Life is Super

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