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July 3, 2007

PITTSBURGH, PA – When Pittsburgh lyricist Bill Medica and musician JC Carter saw the influx of furries for the first Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, they were mystified. But as they observed Anthrocon 2006, their thoughts on furries changed.

"They're not afraid to be themselves," said Carter. "When they left, the magic left."

"They were such a force," added Medica.

Inspired by their experience, they decided to write a play entitled Furry Tales. It is the story of four friends: BlueWolf22, MisoKitty2, HuggyBunny and Gorillanator. They met online and agree to meet at a furry convention. As it turns out, BlueWolf22 is an imposter, sent by an online magazine called "" (an obvious play on Something Awful) in an effort to get some steamy content on the debauchery that supposedly permeates the furry fandom. However, BlueWolf's opinions change, and he discovers he is a peer to his new furry friends.

The first staged reading of Furry Tales will occur on July 5, 2007, on the first day of festivities for Anthrocon 2007, at the CLO Cabaret. Medica and Carter planned it for July 5 in the hopes that furries attending Anthrocon will provide input for improving the final product. The writers have personally invited Anthrocon director Uncle Kage to the reading; he has confirmed that he plans to attend.[1] Some other fans intend to turn up in fursuit.[2]

Tickets may be reserved online for $15 each plus a service charge of at least $7.50 from Pittsburgh Cultural District.[3][4]


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