News:Moonstalker, Hali selected as guests of honor at FWA 2009

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June 26, 2008
Furry Weekend Atlanta

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009 has announced the Guests of Honor for the sixth installment of the convention: Matthew Ebel a.k.a. Hali of Firpine and, Moonstalker a.k.a. Richard Foley.[1]

Matthew Ebel[edit]

Matthew Ebel, known in the furry fandom as Hali of Firpine, is a professional musician, a singer/songwriter. His latest album, Goodbye Planet Earth, is a 17-song album that departs from his usual style. One of his songs, "Beer & Coffee", has become a Internet phenomenon.

Richard Foley[edit]

Richard Foley, known in the furry fandom as Moonstalker, is one of the most recognizable furry artists in the fandom. He is known for his mastery of realistic anatomy, applying it to both realistic and toon styles. He is published in many furry publications, most recently Heat #5.


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