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Newgrounds logo.png
Author(s) Founder/CEO: Tom Fulp
Site Programmers: Josh Tuttle & James Holloway
Artist/Animator: Jeff Bandelin
Status Active
Launch date July 12, 1995–present
Genre Social media
Web NC-17

Newgrounds is a website that primarily hosts Adobe Flash animated films and games, also featuring a music oriented page called the Audio Portal and other services. The site was created and is owned by Tom Fulp, who still oversees every aspect and regularly produces in-house content.

Newgrounds and furry[edit]

There is a host of furry, anthropomorphic and funny animal flash movies and games on Newgrounds with some of the best known being Dendyn Dynasties, the There she is!! series, The Fox and the Mirrior, Lovesaber, High Tail Hall and KO Fighter.

The Newgrounds BBS (forums) has many members that regularly post who are furries and anti-furry sentiment among users is generally low, even though furries are a minority on the site.

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