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New Tibet is a shared universe created by Tim Susman that takes place on another planet in the far future. Only the polar landmass of the planet is inhabited, so the inhabitants are generally anthropomorphized arctic animals such as Arctic Foxes, Wolves, Polar Bears, and Lemmings.

The planet is ruled by a weak local government, a coalition of corporations, and two crime families, the Shivers (Tigers and Wolves) and the Vishons (Polar Bears). The other residents live in poverty, most hoping just to save enough money to buy an expensive shuttle ticket to another world.

Two anthologies have been published by Sofawolf Press: Breaking The Ice and Shadows In Snow.

In 2007 Sofawolf published Common and Precious, the first full-length novel set in New Tibet. The novel was written by Tim Susman, with cover art by Heather Bruton and interior illustrations by Sara Palmer.

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