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An image of Kitch's character, drawn by Kalika Tybera.

Netami Kitchkinet, or Kitch for short (born July 14, 1980), is the pseudonym of a furry that lives in Orlando, Florida. A furry through The Lion King, he discovered the fandom in 1995 when he got home-based Internet access. His character is a male Rottweiler; his full character reference sheet can be seen here.

General Info[edit]

In the past he was active in the MUCK scene, especially Tapestries MUCK. His current fursona was created in 2000, and is based on a Rottweiler puppy he got the previous year. He is an active patron of furry artists, and frequently gets commissions of varying ratings, from G to NC-17.

He has been to several conventions: Furry Spring Break; Mephit Furmeet 8; Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005 and 2007; Megaplex 4, 5, 10, and 12-14; and Anthrocon 2007. He was a sponsor at MFM 8. These days, he focuses primarily on Megaplex.

Kitch was an early adopter for FWA 2008, but did not attend. He issued a challenge on the FWA LJ community on February 22, 2007, for attendees to get their friends and push FWA's attendance up to 1,000. (The con's attendance was 1,046.)

He has also dabbled in authoring stories, a few of which have appeared in SoFurry. One of them, Darling, was included in SoFurry's first list of editor-recommended stories.

Among his mundane interests are Dance Dance Revolution, roadgeeking and soccer. It is from DDR that he derives his other furry username, Bemani Dog. He also moonlights as a sports public address announcer.

He is (much to his chagrin and astonishment) sometimes (more often than he is comfortable with) mistaken for a Doberman, even though he has distinctly non-Doberman floppy ears, broad muzzle and heavy frame.

Kitch is a supporter of both WikiFur and Wikipedia and donates to both regularly.

Character History[edit]

His original personal fur was Tomoka, a tiger. Very few pictures of him were ever drawn: only one by Herbie Bearclaw and one by Brittany Heyser. There is also an image by Jessica Willard of an early Tapestries character of his, a wolf.

Kitch was first created in 2000, and took the initial form of a gray wolf with Native American clothing. The first pictures of Kitch were drawn by TabbieWolf in 2001. It was in 2002 that Kitch became the rottweiler he is now. His form was made official in 2003 with a drawing by Jessie T. Wolf. His current character format was standardized by Kalika Tybera in 2008.

He has dabbled with another character, Darron Boreas, which is a polar bear/grizzly bear hybrid. This character has largely been abandoned.

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