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Nester Delgado (born outside Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. in 1982) is a furry who lives in Malden, Massachusetts, where he writes for various online and print publications. His writings include an ongoing story entitled A Fox's Family, which depicts the lives of the Delgados.


Nester's fursona is an orange fox with dark brown paws and ears, a white abdomen, neck, and mouth, and a patch of white at the end of his tail. He has blue eyes and loves to dress sharply.


Nester grew up in a small city in Michigan. He was always good with making friends throughout school, but never connected that well with any of his peers.

After obtaining a degree in journalism, Nester took a job offer in the People's Republic of China. There he taught English, performed Shakespeare, wrote and hosted a television show, and made great friends from all over the world.

After four long years, he returned to the United States to live in Boston.

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