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Nero Xstar is a furry male on Second Life. Though little is known about the real life of Nero Xstar... it has been confirmed that he is an African American Male.

Nero also goes by the name StarBurst, and or Starburstlicious. He claims that he is the ruler of a mythical land called starburst topia.

"A land Ruled by an army of Large Starburst"

Nero Also has several different back story's

Mexican fathers:

Nero claims that when he was a child he lost his parents in crowd at a circus. He then claims to have been taken in by two Hispanic gay males who owns a taco stand. He then claims that in his early teens he'd killed both of his fathers by mistake. And was taken to an asylum that he'd somehow escaped.


In this story Nero claims that both of his parents were hippy's and discovered him in a road side ditch.

The hippy And the Chef

In this rendition Nero claims that his mother was a hippy and his father was a chef. But later on in his life both of his parents had planned a trip to Florida and vanished mid-flight into the dragons triangle.

Sine language

In a conversation with several furries Nero has pointed out that he knows sine language, and communicated with both of his parents who could not see. He also points out the fact that he has a older sister who is a "Fag Hag" And a uncle who goes by the name of Sheldon.

Nero is often seen at Second Life's gyc. He is also mentioned several times by the Fur Affanity user Sh1ny who states. "Nero and I are close friends, but at the same time we're rivals."

Alter egos:

In early 2013 Nero Xstar has seemed to hinted that he had multi-personality disorder and has 4 personas that lived with in his brain. The 4 Personas seem to exist with in several avatars that Nero uses.

-St: A pink Fox

-Ar: A Conman Fox

-Bu: A Blue Fox

-Rst: A White Fox

Starburst has also mentioned that a new "Furry" has entered his soul and the furry goes by the name of "Dol" and he seemed to be possessed by an angel and a demon.