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NeroAngel93 (true name: Nathan Parker; born July, 23rd, 1993) AKA: Nadané Dusk Twinite (or) Wulf is a British furry and anime artist from Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, England who has practiced since the age of 9 (Aged now at; 15). His main furry art include anthropomorphic Foxes/Vulpines, Wolves and Felines, though tends to mix them together, preferring to make Hybrids. His style is focused on an anime-sense. He has also admitted to be openly Gay.


His Fursona goes by the name Nadané Twinite and is usually referred to as "Twi-Wulf", or just "Wulf", and was previously given the name Nad'a (Feminine Czech name, deriving from Nadezhda, which means "Hope") and is given the name due to his over-active feminine attribute, such as looks/dresses and the very way he acts. Nadané is believed to have a Split Personality, and Bipolar Disorder, showing from his sudden acts of rage. Which is partially insane. This alter ego is known as "Mörk Dusk" (Translated as Dark Dusk). His Fursona is a Wolf-Fox Hybrid, with a Feline characteristic. Which is the Cat's "Purr". His fur colour is Slate and Turquoise, and wears a checkered style shirt (Black and Aqua Green) though barely wears it, or wears a slim fit black sweatshirt. He also wears a strange pair of leather jeans, checkered in a 4-quarter style, or a plain pair of black slim fit jeans. Drogo usually wears bandages around his arms, but they have no purpose. One of his other distinguishing features are the large fur spikes around the joint of his arms. Also, his eyes are a luminous silver colour. He also bears a large battle scar which cascades up his chest. Mörk Dusk on the other hand, has blood red and black fur. His eyes are golden instead of silver, and his hair turns to a bright white. Mörk Dusk also bears a Horn while in this form.

Nadané's personalities vary. He's a rather shy speaker, though not soft. He has a jaded view on life, thinking that such a thing is a waste of time if it will come to an abrupt end. Though sometimes he tends to heighten the humor level. He is always active and ready for a fight. Usually he will get too eager in his fights and becomes insane. Though it is rare for this to happen. Drogo is kind at heart though, putting his life on the line to save others who's causes are just. Despite these set backs, Drogo is elegant on the tongue while he speaks and his mind shows true judgment, bravery, great leadership, and his physical traits show incredible fighting strength. Not to mention Nadané is a mild gentleman.

He also obtains another Alter Ego, which had took over his body when Nadané had lost his memories. This Alter Ego is called Capitain Varg, who is the Captain of a deadly crew, named Nitefall.

Extra Fursona[edit]

Nadané also has another character that would be considered his Fursona, named Angel Black and nicknamed "Sora" due to his fur colour. Due to him being his first character, and most used, he is one of his most noticable and focused character. A Wolf-Fox Hybrid with Sky Blue fur, and odd coloured eyes. One is pale Violet, while the other is Yellow/Red.

Other Art[edit]

Nadané is also a Photographer, and tends to take pictures of the landscape with the sun on the horizon, shining straight at the screen. He uses a Phone instead of a Camera. "Photography can be captured without your everyday camera." Nadané's pictures are also unedited and not photoshopped. Some pictures can be seen on his deviantART page.

Motivation and Tragedy[edit]

In 2003, Nadané's brother and artistic muse, Adrian, died. This had an impact on Nadané's emotions, but drove him to become a better artist for the sake of his brother. Nadané now draws in memory and dedication of his lost brother and wishes to becoming greater than his brother. Adrian was a variated artist, though never drew anime or furry art, but did sculpting and created models, did pencil sketchings etc.

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