Neon Azarai

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Neon Azarai (Born March 1995), is a furry realist from London, England, United Kingdom.


Neon is a teenager who spends too much of his time on his computer. When he does get out and about, he can make a few friends and get along with people fairly well. Dependent on other peoples attitudes and similarities with himself, level of friendship is determined in seriousness.

He is currently taking A levels in Sixth form in London. Aspirations in his future include; working in some form of IT environment, music production or being a music artist.


Being a homosexual, Neon naturally has to have a flamboyant stereotypical "Fursona".


Neon Azarai is a member of the furry steam groups London Furries (London Furs), Furry, Gay Furry Pride (GLBT), Wish to be my Fursona (W2BMF), and Furraria (Furra).

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