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The NorthEast Ohio Furs (also known as NEO Furs) is a regional social group focused in the northern eastern Ohio, including the Cleveland, Canton, and Akron areas.

Mailing list[edit]

The mailing list is for furries in northeast, including Cleveland, Akron, Canton and surrounding areas. The list is for general discussion, local event planning, and announcements of interest to those in or near enough to the area.

The mailing list is administered by Alaina Rose (also known as ObliviousAlly).


There is a NEO Furs LiveJournal community administered by Alaina Rose.


The NEO Furs forums were initially developed so that members would have a place to plan meets without cluttering the mailing list. Once the forums came online, the members have made a total of 14,534 posts in 876 threads, and currently have 170 members registered. Unfortunately the forums were lost and had to be rebuilt in Feb 2008. In less than a week, membership was at 74 members with 1929 posts and 134 threads.

As of February 2011, Our members have made a total of 61,507 posts in 3,275 threads. We currently have 358 members registered. The most users online at one time was 24 on 05-26-2010 at 08:06

The forums are administered by LockDown and SKooKuM. Along with moderators CzGoldEdition and Silvertail. The site is maintained by Calast. But Is Owned By Taben


Similarly, there is a Facebook group for NEOfurs. Furthermore, there is an assortment of groups specific to certain areas in NorthEast Ohio. The list can be found below:


In 2009, NEOFurs started the Furnival convention in Akron as an extension of earlier picnics.

Events are now run by SKooKuM, Calast and LockDown. The con name is no longer used and is basically just the NEOFurs picnic.

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